Join us any time for a fresh coffee, custom made latte, or hot chai tea. All of our coffee drinks are powered by Locally Roasted Dazbog Beans. You can also swirl your own Frozen Yogurt creation. With over 70 toppings and 12 plus yogurt flavors, the combinations are endless.


Our goal is to put a smile on your face :) This is one of the best parts of our business because it's hard not to smile while relaxing in our lounge with a cup of the best tasting coffee and yogurt.


We value health, wellness and community just to name a few. We strive to promote healthy living by providing healthy desert and snack options. We want to know you by name and learn your favorite coffee and yogurt flavors. We develop community connections by providing a relaxing, family friendly environment.






Proudly Serving Dazbog CoffeeAlmond Vanilla Yogurt and Almond Latte Milk
Freshness You Can Taste!
Featuring Locally made, 100% All Natural Yogurts Look for the "All Natural" Seal
Perk Up at COYO
Stop in for your favorite Latte, Cappuccino, Coffee or Chai. We're open early all week long. Powered by Dazbog Coffee Beans.
Super Healthy Dairy Free Options
Now Serving Almond Milk Yogurt and Coffees.